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TOMEI Turbo suction hose (EJ)

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Dramatically Reduces Intake Restrictions. Gain More Power & Increased Response. This product was specifically designed to reduce the restriction of the intake airflow to the turbo, which will improve response and achieve increased power gains. The silicones reinforced structural design prevents the deformation of the hose whilst under high loads of pressure. This also increases […]

TOMEI Detectar réplicas made in China

Warning Copy

This is the first and long awaited announcement of the fake copies of Tomei Powered products that are being sold around the world these days. Read for more important information Recently the market is being flooded with more and more copied items of many brands, including ours. You may have heard rumors that Tomei products […]

TOMEI Expreme TI – Titanium Muffler

MORE POWER, LESS WEIGHT, DRAMATIC CHANGE FOR IMPREZA GDB High quality production, for true competition use without compromise. Only the best Titanium grade materials are used. From the special racing layout design, made as straight as possible, to the high flow silencer. We have poured our knowledge into it all. When you see our EXPREME […]

TOMEI Colector de escape

Tomei Manifold

EXPREME EXHAUST MANIFOLD EJ25 Equal-Length for Single Scroll PRODUCT INFO 4-2-1 Isometric Design for Optimum Results at High End RPM With our ever popular EXPREME exhaust manifolds which is now used throughout the world. Our EXPREME Manifolds have received numerous high appraisals on all aspects of efficiency, durability and performance gains. Now with this new […]

TOMEI Single Scroll Turbine Kit

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AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES The M7760 retains the stock response feel, with added power gains. The M7960 delivers great upper mid range power, with even more power gains possible. When peak power is a priority over response, there is only one option. The M8265 will deliver unleash your engines full potential. M7960: Now comes standard with […]