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GREDDY Identificar copias

Greddy BOV FV

Counterfeit         Type-RS / Type-RZ          Blow-Off Valve Alert It has been brought to our attention that there are a few dishonest merchants, on and off eBay, that are selling counterfeit Type RS blow off valves to unsuspecting customers. These inferior, knock-offs have the Trademarked GReddy logo and have been packaged […]

TOMEI Detectar réplicas made in China

Warning Copy

This is the first and long awaited announcement of the fake copies of Tomei Powered products that are being sold around the world these days. Read for more important information Recently the market is being flooded with more and more copied items of many brands, including ours. You may have heard rumors that Tomei products […]

DEFI Cómo identificar una copia


Be aware of fakes of Defi products. Thank you for using our product. Recently, package-copied products and fake products which our trademarks (Defi logo and others) and address are put in are sold in the marketplace around the world. And we receive inquiries from people who purchased those by mistake. Those counterfeit products infringes our […]

TEIN cómo indentificar «fakes»


Don’t Be Deceived by Imitation Products!! It’s been reported that the imitation products called «TEINS» probably made in China are coming onto the market. Differences between the authentic TEIN products and the fake products are explained below. Please be careful not to fall for the counterfeits. Threaded damper body of the counterfeit dampers are only […]