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Counterfeit         Type-RS / Type-RZ          Blow-Off Valve Alert

It has been brought to our attention that there are a few dishonest merchants, on and off eBay, that are selling counterfeit Type RS blow off valves to unsuspecting customers. These inferior, knock-offs have the Trademarked GReddy logo and have been packaged so well that even a GReddy enthusiast would have a difficult time seeing the differences. Please review the information below to identify a genuine GReddy Type RS Blow-Off Valve.  The best way to prevent being fooled is to only purchase GReddy products for Authorized GReddy Dealers.  However, if you didn’t and feel you might have been deceived please see our Counterfeit Tip Guide below…

FAKE RZ 0007


Although these Fake Type RS blow-off valves may look the very similar on the outside, their main goal is to deceive you and make a quick dollar. Their inferior materials and construction prove this and their use can lead to damage, premature breakage, and at the very least: lose of vehicle performance. (Fake Blow Off Valves with excessive boost leakage can affect idle, fuel economy, turbo response, and efficiency. When used with a boost controller, it can also easily over spin the turbo leading to catastrophic turbocharger damage and oil leaks)



The best way to avoid being cheated is to only purchase your GReddy products from Authorized GReddy Dealers. However if you haven’t, we highly recommend reviewing the information we have listed below. If all of the important key features are not present on your Type-RS BOV, you should contact the seller immediately and demand a full refund.

RS Dia 420GRS Dia 420G

1. One of the easiest spots to check is the area where the vacuum nipple connects to the BOV hat. A real GReddy Type-RS BOV will have extra material in a half arch shape for proper seal and strength.

RS Hat 597

2. Another easy place to spot is at the bottom of the BOV. A real GReddy Type-RS BOV will have a gold valve seal ring.

RS Botton 598

The real Valve will have a goldish hard anodized coating for a better seal and less wear. The fake unit has inferior constructed seals, which often rip, break and leak.

RS Bot Seal 382

3A. Real GReddy valves will have a small circular mark at the very side of the flange. This marking is a result of proper casting procedures to insure a smooth fine finish inside and out. Cheaper fake valves will forgo this step to use cheaper un-pure materials and they will have a rougher pitted surface. 3B. A real GReddy unit should have a straight fine casting line at the back of the frame, with a centered vent hole.

RS Cast In 410

A real GReddy BOV has specially designed valve seats and fine surface finish inside and out, for proper operation.

RS Cast In2 408

4. The Fake Type-RS will have a much darker black chrome finish. It will also have much sharper edges all around. The bolt holes on a real GReddy Type-RS will have a slight «V-shape» closer to the ledge of the hat allowing for a better valve diaphragm seal.

RS Color cap 366

5. If you compare the label on the two valves you will notice all of the font is slightly bolder for the real GReddy BOV. Also when shipped, you will notice the GReddy label will have a yellow backing material; not white like the fake.

RS Label 625


In addition to the 5 ways listed above, we have also gathered some materials for you to compare the packaging and accessories included. Appearances are similar, but they are also inferior.

The packaging is scanned and looks very similar, however the box is made from a thicker corrugated material. The print is also slightly duller in the fake. Real GReddy packaging through Authorized GReddy dealers will usually have a white bar-code sticker on top of the box as well.

RS BOX 605

Another easy to spot feature of a real GReddy BOV is apparent in the provided accessories. GReddy BOV gaskets are thin automotive grade units, which come in Blue. Cheaper knock-off units use warped Green gaskets with rough edges, which could degrade and shed material. The provided blue hosing is also a inferior thin walled hose in the fake kit. Even the plastic vacuum Tees use a more brittle plastic that is susceptible to breakage under engine room temperatures.

RS Accessory 554



Thank you for taking the time to review this material above and checking your GReddy Type-RS Blow-off Valve. GReddy is committed to protecting and alerting our valued customers and we appreciate your support of genuine GReddy products. GReddy takes pride in the skill, time, effort, and research it takes in producing every GReddy product. We are sadden to find out whenever our customers are tricked and cheated when purchasing counterfeit GReddy parts.

Also be aware of sellers who describe items as GReddy Style, like GReddy. Even sellers who state “100% Authentic or Refund,” could be selling fakes. GReddy highly recommends purchasing from Authorized GReddy Dealers or dealers you know and trust.

If you suspect you have purchased, or know of a person selling, counterfeit GReddy products please contact us so we can pursue these criminals and their fraudulent parts.