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HKS pipping kit

【PIPING KIT】 HKS PIPNG KIT for Durability Increase and Consistent Boost Pressure under High Boost [...]

HKS Metal Head Gasket

【METAL HEAD GASKET】 The Performance requirement from Head Gasket. As the cylinder block and head [...]

HKS Fine Tune Timing Belt

【Fine Tune Timing Belt】 This timing belts best suited for use with HKS Slide Cam-Pulley. [...]

HKS EVC6-IR 2.4 Advanced Boost Controller

【EVC6-IR 2.4】 HKS’ Traditional EVC Series  Advanced Boost Controller LCD full colour monitor is upgraded [...]

HKS LA Clutch Twin plate

【LA CLUTCH TWIN PLATE】         The tuning expert HKS provides the clutch [...]

HKS LA Clutch

【LA CLUTCH】           HKS LA Clutch (Light Action) combines accurate high [...]

HKS Hipermax D’ NOB SPEC

    【HIPERMAX D’ NOB SPEC】D1 Champion Nobuteru Taniguchi supervision. «HIPERMAX-D’ NOB SPEC» is a [...]

HKS Hipermax series Suspension

HIPERMAX SERIES FOR SPORTS For the best of sporty driving performance. 【MAX IV SP】 The sport [...]

HKS Super Fire Racing M-Series

Ultimate spark plug «M». Ignitionability, durability, anti-insulation are all reinforced. HKS has made the best [...]

HKS Filtro Aire

3 layered filter, which each layer has different functions, is well balanced stock replacement type [...]