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HKS pipping kit

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【PIPING KIT】 HKS PIPNG KIT for Durability Increase and Consistent Boost Pressure under High Boost Condition. Stock plastic or rubber intercooler pipes can expand or crack under high boost levels. In addition to this, stock pipes have many bends which in some places are very tight radius which causes much resistance and pressure drop. HKS […]

HKS Metal Head Gasket

HKS MetalGasket

【METAL HEAD GASKET】 The Performance requirement from Head Gasket. As the cylinder block and head are not rigid body, when the Head Bolts are tightened, the gap between the surfaces and the surface pressure applied is not even across the whole surface. Moreover, due to combustion pressure and vibration while driving, the conditions are continually […]

HKS Fine Tune Timing Belt

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【Fine Tune Timing Belt】 This timing belts best suited for use with HKS Slide Cam-Pulley. Optimized belt strength for each engine application makes the Fine Tune Timing Belt ideal for use with HKS Slide Cam-Pulleys for high power/high RPM engine. Belt strength has been optimized for each engine application and designed to allow stable belt […]

HKS EVC6-IR 2.4 Advanced Boost Controller


【EVC6-IR 2.4】 HKS’ Traditional EVC Series  Advanced Boost Controller LCD full colour monitor is upgraded for better visibility. Directly pushing 4 buttons on the unit enables simple settings. Correction map function is added for more precise boost setting. EVC6-IR’s TFT full-color monitor size is enlarged to 2.4 inch from 2.2 inch for better visibility. (The […]

HKS LA Clutch Twin plate

LA clutchTWIN

【LA CLUTCH TWIN PLATE】         The tuning expert HKS provides the clutch system for streets and sports use. Capable torque, pedal effort, and semi-engagement range are closely examined for various driving situations. Despite the support of approximately 700ps, the main concept for the Twin Plate LA Clutch remains the same. Using «MG […]

HKS LA Clutch

LA clutch

【LA CLUTCH】           HKS LA Clutch (Light Action) combines accurate high level power transfer from engine to transmission while offering easy to use clutch feel which is particularly noticeable when the clutch is half engaged. Suitable for use on the streets or for sports use, LA Clutch is a single plate […]

HKS Hipermax D’ NOB SPEC

hipermax d nob spec

    【HIPERMAX D’ NOB SPEC】D1 Champion Nobuteru Taniguchi supervision. «HIPERMAX-D’ NOB SPEC» is a Suspension for Easy Drifting! Collaboration between HKS and the first D1 champion Mr. Nobuteru Taniguchi created HIPERMAX D’ NOB spec. This is the suspension for «easy drifting.» Stiff suspension is not the only tool for drifting. Mr. Taniguchi and HKS […]

HKS Super Fire Racing M-Series


Ultimate spark plug «M». Ignitionability, durability, anti-insulation are all reinforced. HKS has made the best plug for both tuning engines and stock engines. Features 0.6mm Iridium Alloy Center Electrode Iridium alloy center electrode reduces voltage requirement and improves ignition performance and durability. Outer Electrode with Platinum Chip The outer electrode incorporates a square platinum chip […]

HKS Filtro Aire

HKSAir filer

3 layered filter, which each layer has different functions, is well balanced stock replacement type air cleaner for quick response as a sport filter and long life. Details of Filter 3 layered filter divides, collects intake air and smoothes air flow. It enables quick response that is required for sport filter. Newly developed Non-woven fabric […]