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HKS Filtro Aceite

HKSOil Filter

HKS OIL FILTER Utilizing the filter original designed for HKS Oil Filter and increasing its filter surface area by 15%, compared with a conventional product, greatly improved particle collection performance. HKS Oil Filter’s minimum particle size is 20μ compared with 25μ of JIS standard which corresponds to the filtration performance requirement of most engines. It […]

HKS Racing Suction

Racing Suction

The most powerful intake system carefully designed to fit engine room of a vehicle. HKS Racing Suction pushes air intake system efficiency to the limits.   Stealth frame is redesigned! «Hyper Stealth Frame» exceeds the performance of previous Super Stealth frame. Increasing air intake surface area by 27% improves air intake efficiency. Bold white HKS […]

HKS Racing SQV


HKS original 3-chamber structure ensures the stable operation of blow-off valve regardless of the amount of pressure. Large 51mm valve performs great with high power and large displacement engines. Adjustable pre-load allows a wide range of application.   3-chamber System Typical blow off valves require spring load settings for each vehicle specification. If the spring […]