ENDLESS Suspension

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FUNCTION plus 7 / FUNCTION plus 10

Specialized rubber spring sheet absorbs vibration and pursues comfort

«FUNCTION-PLUS 7» and «FUNCTION-PLUS 10» are suspension kits which take the driving performance of «FUNCTION-X PLUS», a multi-player suspension which supports everything from streets to winding and track meets, and pursue better comfort in street use. Its features include the adoption of unique rubber spring sheets with a thickness of 7mm in the case of PLUS 7 and 10mm in the case of PLUS 10, reducing unpleasant vibrations and noise at the time of input while also adopting a specialized bulb to realize rigidness and a high quality comfort when driving.

Recommended for the following people
●PLUS 10 (using 10mm thick rubber) for users who value comfort
●PLUS 7 (using 7mm thick rubber) for users who also want to focus on sports driving
Material/Shell case: Steel (special plating process)

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Multi-player which supports types of driving from street to sports

ENDLESS’s suspension kits are based on the development of the coil spring «X COLIS», designed as vehicle height control type suspension which can sufficiently demonstrate its linear spring characteristics. Amg the FUNCTION series, which realizes driving series optimal settings for driving stages, «FUNCTION-X PLUS» adopts a 30-stage attenuation adjustment system and was developed as a multi-player which supports a wide variety for driving from street to winding, circuit. In order to support all road conditions, it adopts special piston bulbs with linear features so you can enjoy driving with a sense of rigidness. For the spring rate you can select from «SOFT» and «HARD» to fit your driving field. Whe adopting a special plating which is strong against rusting, it simultaneously adopts an aluminum path with anodized aluminum processing applied in order to strengthen lightness and anti-corrosiveness.

Recommended for the following people
●Those who wish to enjoy sports driving along with the stability of street driving
●Those who wish to apply detailed settings depending on the conditions
Material/Shell case: Steel (special plating process)


Circuit specs which support S tires

«SUPER FUNCTION» is a vehicle height control kit which starts with the installation of S tires, which have strong grip power, and is recognized as a circuit spec model. The main unit has 30-step adjustment to enable more detailed attenuation adjustment. Comes standard with a pillow ball in the upper mount. The shell case has aluminum material, which is light and has superior radiation, coated with «electroless nickel boron plating». It is a suspension kit which realizes a direct drive feel and a light unsprung weight while also being a time attach machine purveyor.

Recommended for the following people
●Those who desire a height control kit which demonstrates true value in circuits
●Those who wish to realize an undercarriage which can shorten lap times
Material/Shell case: Aluminum (some car types excluded)

super function