TODA RACING Fightex Damper

FIGHTEX Born into the world of Racing.

-All work done in house, total commitment to quality.
*A single damper technician is in charge of the whole operation of each damper, disassemblings, cleanings, inspectings, assemblings, and settings are done in a consistent process. Finally all dampers are tested on our damper dynamometer.
-Ride height can be adjustment without compromising spring pre-loading or damper stroke length. (Type DA, DA-G, EX, EX-G)
-All Type ST, EX and EX-G also incorporate a 18 step adjustable system but with separate bump and rebound adjusting.
-Our STD damper design uses a 40 diam. piston giving excellent overall balance of performance to size, a larger capacity 46 diam. is also used. (New products are continually introduced)
-Full kit’s come with pillow-ball upper mounts and remote / independent upper spring seat. (Found on both F&R dampers)
-Full kit’s use high strength pillow-balls (NMB) for the upper mount.
-Spring rates can be changed when ordering. (Where applicable)
-ID60 (internal diameter 60mm) springs.
-Individual set up requirements can be made when ordering. (Japan only)


[Standard Integrated upper mount]
When standard suspension moves or rotates, the upper mount is often fixed. This can compromise the performance of both the spring and the damper. Spring rates often increase and excessive side loads placed on the piston rod. Both these can lead to a reduction in performance.
Under all conditions the spring has no undue influence on the suspension geometry or steering.


Feeding back technology from Racing to you.

A huge amount of time and energy is spent in the Toda Racing F3 team working to get the «WIN». Setting up of an F3 machine not only requires engine development but also chassis development in particular the dampers.
An example of the performance required of a formula damper for circuit use is a piston speed of 0.05m/s and s stroke length of 5mm. (Average road car: piston speed 0.3m/s, stroke length of 100mm).
Therefore the quality of each part is critical, not just in the design, or the accuracy in the manufacturing but also in the selection of material, and the type of heat treatment used.
A formula car is a very stiff car allowing comparative tests to be undertaken to show the performance of thins such as the dampers. To help gain consistency pillow-balls as used thought. All this technology and racing experience are constantly being feed back to you through the FIGHTEX Damper series

Same quality, whether it’s for street, GT or Formula.


We have gained a lot of experience in the racing field with the development and manufacture of formula chassis, race engines, and formula transmissions. One area that cannot be overlooked is in the design and manufacture of race dampers. With making full use of our race experience and the latest technology we have been able to deliver a commercially available damper of the highest quality. Fightex Damper production started in 1992.
With careful thought placed on design, analysis, manufacture, and inspection of all the products within the Fightex Damper series, a high precision and high quality product is assured. Fightex Dampers can also respond with new items, rebuilds and resetting quickly and efficiently. We are proud to release the Fightex Damper series with the same high quality whether it’s for the street, GT or Formula.

Seven Types of Damper Designed for All Tastes.

18 Steps Damping Force Adjustment


The standard Fightex Damper.

The fundamental parameters, such as comfort and stability were perused so that both impressive handling could be met along with retaining the comfort that is required for street use. The FS has acquired a large amount of data and know-how from feedback from various fields.


Separate tank type. Based on the FS type, but with independent bump and rebound 2 step tuning. Giving a wider range of adjustment.

Generally called piggy back type or remote tank type. Featuring independent bump and rebound adjustment not found on the FS type. Precise adjustment is the main advantage of the separate tank type. Maintenance is also easier.


Adjustable bottom brackets. The dual adjustable type allows quick and easy adjustment of the total length.

The total length of the damper can be tuned via the bottom bracket. The car ride height can be adjusted without touching the spring pre-load. Helping to find the delicate balance of traction and grip, through the various independent parameters of ride height, spring pre load and rebound stroke lengths.


Dual adjustment Gymkhana spec.

Designed for Gymkhana use only. 18 step damping force adjustment + full length adjustment. Designed for all the forms of Gymkhana found in Japan, the DA-G allows the car to be set up for the various conditions found at the track suck as weather and track surface. Drivers in the Japan championship use the adjustability to continually test and fine tune to find that winning advantage. The adjustability also allows you to continually get the best out of the latest tire compounds.


The ultimate performer, incorporating advantages of both the ST and DA types.

Featuring independent bump and rebound 18 step tuning along with adjustable bottom bracket for full length adjustment independent of spring preload. For the ultimate performance.


Expert Gymkhana. For Gymkhana only.

All the features of the EX, but designed specifically for the Gymkhana course.


N1 Race exclusively designed for the circuit.

Designed to make the most out of the racing tire and the racing circuit conditions for maximum performance. Not suitable for anything other than a racing circuit.