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CUSCO Sway Bar (estabilizadoras)


Sway Bar / Rear additional Sway Bar The Cusco anti-sway bars replace the factory anti-sway bars, (if equipped) and uses the factory mounting locations.  The Cusco anti-sway bar will dramatically reduce body roll since its stiffness is greater than the factory bar or if the vehicle is not equipped with one.  The larger diameter and steel strength bar give […]

CUSCO Twin Plate Clutch System


Twin Plate Clutch System Twin Plate Clutch Systems are designed to hold monster power for street and competition use. Comes with lightweight chromoly flywheel and pressure plates perfectly balanced to the inner disks. Made from heavy duty steel & billet components, as well as the specially blended high friction clutch compound.   Copper Twin Clutch […]

CUSCO Racing Harness

Cusco Harness

Cusco Racing Harness 6 Point FHR 3″ with tapered shoulder belts (Hans Compatible/ FIA Certified) 6 Point Standard 3″ (FIA Certified) 4 Point Standard 3″ (Non-FIA) Colors Black, Blue, and new Red Yellow Pull Strap Rings Billet Alloy Center Rotary Single Buckle Locking Intercom / Audio cable strap loop Soft Webbed Fabric / Fire Resistant […]