Subaru WRX STI Type RA and a Hotter BRZ

subaru wrx sti type ra at the nurburgring
Subaru WRX STI Type RA and a Hotter BRZ to Arrive June 8 [Updated]

Not one but two new products from Subaru’s STI high-performance tuning outfit will be debuting on June 8.

Subaru spokesman Dominick Infante confirmed to AutoGuide that two new high-performance models from STI will be debuting on June 8, the WRX STI Type RA and a high-performance BRZ model. It is speculated that the new BRZ will be known as the BRZ STI, but so far, Subaru hasn’t confirmed what the name will be.

An earlier teaser that shows a large wing affixed to the back of a car gives us a glimpse at what the new BRZ model has in store, while the new teaser of the Type RA shows a carbon fiber roof option and what the badge will look like.

Originally confirmed by Motor1, Subaru’s new WRX STI Type RA is a hardcore version of the car that will come with a full carbon fiber roof, a carbon fiber rear wing, upgraded suspension, 19-inch forged BBS wheels offered in gold and Recaro race seats.

Besides the loss of weight thanks to all that carbon fiber, engine and gearing upgrades are both set to arrive for the Type RA, so expect it to put out more than the standard STI’s 305 horsepower.

subaru-wrx-sti-type-ra-at-the-nurburgringA Subaru WRX wearing a

Type RA badge first appeared back in 1993 in Japan, and just like the upcoming model, that car was a lighter more hardcore WRX.

As for the new BRZ model, we expect many of the same upgrades, including a large rear wing, improved aerodynamics, upgraded suspension and new wheels and tires. Unlike the Type RA, powertrain upgrades are not said to be in the works for the hot BRZ model.

All of the details on the new WRX STI Type RA and the tuned by STI BRZ will be released on June 8, 2017.

This story was updated to include and properly reflect the comment from Subaru USA. 

By Stephen Elmer | Jun 01, 2017 | [Fuente: Motor1]