RCM Uprated Fuel Pump

The RCM 340 uprated fuel pump kit should be one of the first things you consider installing when modifying your Impreza above stock power levels, as the ability to provide your engine with enough fuel is crucial to performance.

The RCM340 is a high output, in tank, electric fuel pump that directly replaces the standard fuel pump assembly within the fuel tank. With the ability to supply an impressive 340 litres per hour of flow, this kit comfortably out performs other Impreza pumps on the market and is a huge improvement on the standard fuel pumps.

Ideal for Imprezas developing up to 500bhp and with straight forward fitment via the inspection cover on the cars floor pan, the RCM340 offers superior flow throughout a wide pressure range. With unmatched durability and reliability thanks to its turbine pump mechanism and 30% better performance when compared to its rivals, RCM recommends this pump as a great upgrade for the standard unit or even other popular fuel pump kits on the market.

This pump has also been designed to cope with the New Age Imprezas oscillating voltage supply. Feed to the pump varies from 8v to 12v depending on how the car is being driven.


200LPH @ 90PSI | 6.1 Bar

250LPH @ 73PSI | 5.0 Bar

300LPH @ 55PSI | 3.7 Bar

350LPH @ 38PSI | 2.4 Bar


• Supplies a higher delivery of fuel, faster and more efficiently than the standard fuel pump.

• Suitable for vehicles running up to 500bhp.

• Designed to cope with the oscillating voltage supply found on Imprezas from 2001+.

• Supplied with simple plug in loom and fitting kit.

• Easily installed in under an hour.