LAILE Under Panel – Protector fondo plano

UnderPanel cooling

Beatrush Under Panel enhances downside rectification at high speed and generates down force. It also restrain the air stream from getting caught in the engine room to inhibit the engine from over heating.

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When running, the condition of the lower siede of the body likes put the lid by the flow of the air and heat was shut in the engine room.

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When under panel is installed, air flows along under panel, warmed air in the engine room is exhausted.
The air flows under the body is not constant by the influence of front bumper cover and member etc, air turbulence is generated. When under panel is installed, the flow of the air is stabilized and is made fast. The atmospheric pressure between the body and the road lowers when the flow of air quicken, and the Power (downforce) from which the body is suppressed to the high atmospheric pressure in the upper part of the body works.
2.0mm Aluminum Plate.

pict cooling under panel