LAILE by Beatrush Intake Kit Type2 (GT86/BRZ)

S96400CBL2 1 1

Intake air temperature greatly affects engine output. High temperature intake may cause power down and engine check lamp lighting. We enclosed it with a cleaner box to reduce hot air suction We found the optimum layout for suction pipe to raise both power and torque over the entire range from low rotation to high rotation by the trial of difference from thickness and shape. It is an intake system with a good feeling of accelerator response. For cleaners, we use dry type (power intake made by APEX) with less adverse effect on airflow meter.

In Type 2, an acrylic window was installed in the lid of the cleaner box of the conventional intake kit so that the condition of the cleaner could be checked without opening the lid.

S96400SPS Z

【POWER Data】

GREEN Line : Beatrush INTAKE KIT
RED Line : STD

≪Reference data≫

Power:+7.21 kW (9.8 ps)
Torque:+8.83 N⋅m (0.9 kgf/m)
Power check data is internal test value. It varies depending on the measuring vehicle and measurement conditions.

【 Specification 】

φ75 mm Polished Aluminum Piping
Cleaner Box
t=2.0 mm Aluminum
Air Filter
A’PEX Intake Filter