EXEDY Hyper Single Series

Sport Hyper Single 6Puck

Hyper Series Hyper SINGLE コストパフォーマンスに優れた高バランスモデル。

mark hy single

Compact, light weight and the ability to achieve high clamp load while maintaining easy drivability is the next generation of sports clutch design.

Light weight & Low inertia design

hyper single p01
High friction coefficient, low wear, and a special heat resistant material[T5001] has been applied to enable the clutch size to be reduced which in turn lowers mass inertia and improves shift responses for faster gear changes particularly in racing applications. Durability is improved with the use of a stronger, smaller damper disc, designed especially for the Hyper Single clutch.


A clutch’s inertia is measured by its ability to maintain rotation after stopping torque from the engine (E/G). Inertia effects E/G response and E/G torque. Low clutch disc inertia improves the effect of shifting up & down, as well as clutch engage/disengagement. In general, the clutch system requires adequate inertia, with lower inertia being ideal for clutch disc function.


hyper single p03
Pressure plate is coupled to clutch cover by strap plate

– Improved disengagement,(pressure plate is forcibly separated fromfacing surface by strap plate).

– Prevents typical rattle noise of lug drive type clutch.


Whole Clutch (Include F/W) Engine response is reduced while low end torque is increased. Engine response is increased while low end torque is reduced.
CLUTCH DISC Slower gear changes. Faster gear changes.