EXEDY Hyper Multi Series

Sport Hyper Twin


ttl h2 hy multi

mark hy multi

From high power tuned drag race to street usage, the EXEDY multi plate is capable of handling a variety of motor sport applications.

Center plate self-levelling function(PAT.)

hy multi p01
The amount of center plate travel during release is always maintained in a neutral position by the reaction force of the lifting plate attached to both sides of the center plate.


Pull type clutch cushioning function(PAT.)

– The “CUSHION” function is a new innovation unique to EXEDY.

– The half engaged “ZONE” is expanded as a result of a decrease in tigidity of the pivot ring.

– Ideal pedal effort is achieved as a result of a longer lever ratio of the diaphragm spring coupled with the cushion reaction force.

hy multi p02         hy multi p03