DEFI Cómo identificar una copia


Be aware of fakes of Defi products.

Thank you for using our product.

Recently, package-copied products and fake products which our trademarks (Defi logo and others) and address are put in are sold in the marketplace around the world. And we receive inquiries from people who purchased those by mistake.

Those counterfeit products infringes our intellectual property rights.

Please be careful enough because those may disadvantage a person who purchases those.

Please note that we, Defi, do NOT accept liabilities when the following troubles occur:
When those fakes are purchased by mistake.
When Defi products or vehicles break down by installing those fakes.

There are also many kinds of imitations sold in the marketplace.
Please beware of those products.

If you find fake products, please give us the notice.

We have applied to several auction sites for deleting over 100 fake items in the last 2 years.
(As of August, 2017)

Following pictures are sample of fakes.


For the details of sensor specification, please refer to “Sensor Specification.”

<Fake sensors>

fake sensor

<Defi sensors>

fake sensor

Gauge backside

This picture is our genuine gauge’s backside (80mm, 60mm, and 52mm). The manufacturing information is printed on the label stuck on a backside of gauges.

genuine gauge backside

ADVANCE A1 (Edit: March 6, 2018)

A1 box
The fake box has no printing.


A1 box front&back


A1 contents
The contents of the package of oil pressure gauges


A1 gauge oil press
The numerical figures of the fake dial plate are more visible than our genuine plate. In addition, there are many labels on the backside of the fake gauge.


A1 gauge


A1 gauge fake
The both gauges are fake. We have neither A1 volt gauge nor 60mm diameter tachometer.


A1 gauge reflection
The fake glass is not low reflection.


A1 illumination fake
Our genuine A1′s illummination color is white. The fake is blue and red.

ADVANCE ZD Club Sports Package

ADVANCE ZD Club Sports Package(CSP) is a set of ADVANCE ZD, ADVANCE Control Unit., 1 pressure sensor, and 2 temperature sensors.  A boost sensor is not included in CSP, but it’s included in a fake CSP.

*The following picture is Defi’s original CSP.  (We don’t have a fake picture.)



ADVANCE ZD fake is going around in the market now! Please be careful when you purchase ADVANCE ZD.

Differential point is
・ZD body appearance
・Page numbers of Manual (written in English only)
・Sensor shape


【ZD body appearance】




【Temperature Sensor】
The sensitive part is shorter than original and its color is different.
※There is no temperature sensor in original package “DF09701 AVANCE ZD”.
Note: In this case, we compared fake sensor with original sensor in CSP package.

It is too difficult to identify fakes from its package.
Fake package is completely copied.

Defi-Link Meter BF (End of sale)





replica partsDefi parts

White illumination comparisonAmber red illumination comparison


CR package

CR face

CR back

CR fake contents CR Defi contents
The fake is a volt gauge and doesn’t include any sensor. The Defi’s picture is a boost gauge’s. We don’t manufacture volt gauges of ADVANCE series.


ADBF package

ADBF package

ADBF back

ADBF fake contents ADBF Defi contents
The fake is a volt gauge and doesn’t include any sensor. The Defi’s picture is an oil pressure gauge’s. We don’t manufacture volt gauges of ADVANCE series.


C2 package

C2 package

C2 face

C2 back

C2 fake contents C2 Defi contents

BF Tachometer (End of sale)

BFtacho package

BFtacho gauge

BFtacho back

BFtacho fake contents BFtacho Defi contents

If you find fake products for sale, we would appreciate it if you could give the information to our official distributor near you. We would be able to judge whether they are fake or not if you post the pictures on our Facebook page (if you can take photos).