CUSCO Twin Plate Clutch System


Twin Plate Clutch System

Twin Plate Clutch Systems are designed to hold monster power for street and competition use. Comes with lightweight chromoly flywheel and pressure plates perfectly balanced to the inner disks. Made from heavy duty steel & billet components, as well as the specially blended high friction clutch compound.


Copper Twin Clutch System 

Features more grappling power and will perform in multiple scenarios.

Twin Plate Clutch Copper

Copper disc has unique frictional-temperature characteristics where the frictional properties remains unchanged despite the temperature of the disk. This enables optimal use of the clutch charactistics at cold start and in heavy racing conditions.

Holds 700N.m (516 ft/lbs) of torque rating. Suited for stable performance on high horsepowered applications, even during clutch kicking techniques and half engagement periods.

The special «Strap Drive» design minimizes any clutch chattering noise, typically exhibited on twin plate units during when the gearbox is in neutral.


Twin Metal Clutch System  

For high horsepowered applications with a direct and responsive feel

Twin Plate Clutch Metal

Used in professional competition, this twin metal unit features great controllability especially during half clutch engagement. The specially designed diaphrams contribute to the soft pedal feel, enabling unmatched clutch pedal control.

Highly heat resistant with low wear rate. A carbon infused clutch disk is matched with a ventilated type of center plate for stabile performance at any given heat range.

A Pull type conversion is available depending on vehicle application and is 100% bolt on. *Pull & Push type clutch systems depends on vehicle application.