BLITZ Throttle Controller

Blitz Thro cont


  • Freely controllable controller accelerator response of the electronic controlled throttle equipped vehicles.
    Blitz by its own control, sharp response from the sluggish resolved at the time of start, achieve up to eco-driving.
  • Newly adopted controller with high visibility VA mode liquid crystal, the main unit, product mix by type of vehicle harness.
    All uniform by model-only package those required for installation.
  • «Eco mode», «sports mode», «Auto mode» for a total of 20 mode of the standard equipment.
    Control method and characteristics are different various modes, you realize there was feeling to your liking.
    Prepare a «hybrid model» you change the control ratio to a dedicated setting for hybrid vehicles.
  • From among the 20 mode, equipped with a «simple mode function» to display only 5 mode of your choice frequently used.
    Time will save you at the time only in the mode select set in advance.
  • In addition to the 20 mode of the standard equipment, equipped with a «scramble mode» to raise the maximum ratio (option required).
  • Add the «start control system (SCS)» function by connecting the SCS harness sold separately (option required).
    Or holding the cancellation state of genuine idling stop, it will be able to hold the initial mode of SI drive and drive mode select your choice.
  • If the problem in the power supply wiring has occurred, immediately equipped with a safety function to return to normal circuit.

※ Thro Con will be another commodity models which parts required for mounting is everything.

※ sales in including the repair product «model-specific harness» alone is not doing.

Eco mode Sports mode

«Eco», «sport» mode of Surokon will alter the accelerator response to fix the ratio for each mode.

«Sport» mode, providing a 10 mode of SPORT1 ~ 9, MAX.
Surokon is the basic mode to achieve a response of genuine + α of unique.
Pull up on the control ratio of the response as the number of modes increases, will MAX is the highest ratio.

«Eco» mode, providing a 5 mode of ECO1 ~ 5.
Intentionally response than genuine by the mild, to achieve the eco-driving.
In addition to those who care about fuel economy, it is a valid mode even if the genuine of the accelerator response feel irritable.

Further, in the hybrid vehicle for model according to the characteristics of the vehicle, adopting the setting was lowered compared to control ratio normal model.
And eco-driving hybrid cars unique, and both feel comfortable accelerator response.

ec4 tc

ECO4 (EC.4)

sp3 tc

throcon map
※ figures are not a change in the actual ratio, is an image of the characteristic (for example, in the normal model).

auto mode

Auto mode, based on the accelerator operating conditions such as opening and time, this mode the computer to adjust the control ratio automatically.
Change the characteristics of the ratio is different in all five modes, you can select the mode that matches the driver preference.For example, «at the start I want to improve the response. However, want to drive without going through the accelerator too much after riding speed,» and if that, «as at the start is not a rapid acceleration, you want to improve the response little by little.» case, such as, without switching their own mode drivers, and allow it to automatically changed in seven stages on the basis of the operational status of the accelerator.

When the accelerator input is no longer (release the accelerator) will not change the ratio on the opposite side of the input.
When the control ratio is changed, the bar graph of the monitor will let us know by slide.

au1 tc

AUTO1 (AU.1)

au kirikae tc

Auto mode control ratio switching during the display
throcon auto

Scramble mode (optional)

The optional «scramble switch» of the (body price ¥ 2,500) only to connect to the main unit, in the normal will be available the «scramble mode» that can not be selected.

Regardless of the mode in use by pressing the switch, it will be the largest of control ratio only time you have set.
Control ratio becomes a higher ratio than the highest «SPORT MAX» mode in the normal mode, and effective in such situations that require immediate quick acceleration.

In the scramble operation, the display will switch to the countdown display.
Scramble time, you can choose from three types of 30 seconds, 180 seconds, at all times (always start the scramble switch until OFF).

thro scramble

14779 scramble switch (¥ 2,500 / tax)
2 pattern method of mounting You can choose
Compact Switch only
(height 15 mm × width 13 mm × thickness 5mm)
Mounting a combination switch adapter
(height 28mm × width 15 mm × thickness 6.5 mm)
※ The selection of this mode requires the presence of a switch (sold separately). If the switch is not, scramble mode can not be used.
※ Since the scramble mode will be very extreme response, carefully on understanding the characteristics of the mode, please use.
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