Blitz OilCoolerKit RD

RACING OIL COOLER KIT RD – oil cooler kit RD

  • Delon cup-type core adoption of the oil cooler which is excellent in cost performance.
  • Adopted the new development of attachment, achieve a variety of attachment.
  • A built-in thermostat to the attachment, can be accurate oil temperature management.
  • The fitting of the new development, high reliability.
  • BLUE + SILVER fitting color is better to fashion.
  • Some models come with a dedicated air guide, leads the intake was running wind to waste without core.
  • ※ side tank type core adoption of the «RS» has ended the production.


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While excellent in cost performance, «Delon cup type» core was the adopted «RD» model to demonstrate a reliable cooling performance by the offset type of inner fin.
Standard street running is the main, it is recommended for people who want to oil temperature management at low cost.

Product Features

High cooling performance

oil cooler graph

※ The above graph is a test data that Blitz is independently carried out.

The above graph is the test data that laps at the same course in a vehicle equipped with normal vehicle of the Toyota 86 (ZN6) the «RACING OIL COOLER KIT RD».

In the normal vehicle, in addition to the engine oil temperature at the start of traveling after 4 minutes has reached more than 125 ℃, you can see that the water temperature also increased with the increase of the oil temperature.

No significant temperature rise in the «RACING OIL COOLER KIT RD» mounted vehicle for, even after 5 minutes after the start of the running you can see that that are stable at around 110 ℃. For an increase in the oil temperature is low, the water temperature also continues to be stable at around 90 ℃.

Even superior in cost performance, «RD» and delivers high performance.

New development of fitting and thermostat built-in oil block

Bright blue eye-catching in the kit, adopt a high-quality fitting of the new development.
In addition also specially developed oil block, is a high-performance model with a built-in thermostat (operating temperature of 70 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ ± 3 ℃ ).Also like is attachable sensor for meter the oil block, prepared 1 / 8PT 5 positions (the case of using two universal union).
※ The image of the oil filter and the straight union are sold separately.
oil attachment
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