BLITZ Carbon Power air cleaner

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  • Carbon power / Advanced power, achieve a high suction efficiency employs a stainless steel mesh filter.
  • The suction area adopted M folding conical body can be maximized, balance suction efficiency and dust collecting performance at a high level.
  • Carbon shield that employs a large-diameter funnel prevents heating of the filter body block the periphery of the radiant heat
    successfully to suppress an increase in intake air temperature.
  • Heating of the shield itself by a shield made of carbon is also suppressed.
  • A combination of carbon shield and red anodized aluminum, also contribute to the dress-up of the engine room.
  • Customers using core type air cleaner of BLITZ is, by buying CARBON POWER body
    upgradeable to CARBON POWER AIR CLEANER. ※
  • The stainless steel mesh filter employing filter portion washable. Its performance is semi-permanent.

※ You can upgrade only agreement model where there is a ADVANCE POWER settings.

Product Features

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Vehicle mounted image

cpa 86 zn686 (ZN6) ※ BRZ (ZC6) common
cpa prius zvw55PRIUS (ZVW55)
cpa roomy m900aROOMY (M900A)
cpa s660 jw5S660 (JW5)
cpa roadsterrf ndercROADSTER RF (NDERC)
cpa wagonr mh55sWAGON R (MH55S)


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