BLITZ Boost Controller

Blitz Boos Contr e1516826378343

Compact and adopted new flat body and display. Only 12mm thickness (the thinnest part).
It enables flexible mounting in 3-piece structure of the controller unit valve.

  • High visibility 7 segment and bar graph display new TN adopted liquid crystal display.
  • It adopted a new development compact high-performance solenoid valve to cope with a high flow rate.
    Achieve a response rising to the stability of the boost pressure at a high level.
    (TypeR the twin solenoid valve, TypeS the single solenoid valve)
  • In manual control as «Hi» it can be set to «Lo» two of the control channel.
  • Equipped with a completely new control algorithm. Suppressing sagging stability and boost pressure of the boost pressure.
    Corresponding to control a wide range of boost pressure from the normal vehicle to 3.00hkPa (43.5PSI).
  • Control DUTY value, GAIN value, P-GAIN value can be set for each channel.
  • Boost display, peak hold, warning, standard equipped with limiter, a scramble boost function.

sbc size

Thickness only 12mm ultra-thin design of the (※ the thinnest part)

Compact body of New Design

It was realized the «SBC» series history minimum of controller size, new adopted a compact body design.
Controller unit, CPU unit, by a 3-piece structure of the solenoid valve corresponds to the variety of mounting positions.
The controller section, was adopted and the body color of the matte black feeling of luxury, high-visibility TN liquid crystal display.
7 and the display by the combination of the segment and the bar graph, you can simple operation with three buttons.

Boost controller function

Review the boost pressure control algorithm, by the combination of the new type of solenoid valve, which also corresponds to a high flow rate, it has achieved a boost control that boasts a high stability.
And the quick rise to the target boost pressure, overshoot reduction of, and suppresses to further boost drop (sauce).
In the display device side, because it supports the display of up to a maximum of 3.00khPa (43.5PSI), and supports a wide range from the boost-up of normal car up to high-boost vehicle.
DUTY value (determine the maximum boost pressure value) «Hi» and «Low», respectively can be set into two channels.
Since the GAIN value (the value that determines the rise of the boost) is also can be set for each channel, you can boost controls to your liking.
By further setting the P-GAIN value, reading the point at which the boost pressure is peaked automatically, control to stabilize the boost pressure is also possible.
In the corresponding plans to control by an external device in the future, to achieve the mode setting of up to 4 channels.
Of course, the familiar real-time boost meter display other, peak hold function, warning function, boost limiter function comes standard with the scramble boost function.

Hi mode
Sample display unit hkPa (SI units)
Lo mode
Sample display unit PSI (USA unit)
Peak display mode
«PK» lights or flashes.
After the peak (maximum boost pressure for 3 seconds fixed display),
two views of the peak hold can be selected.
Scramble mode
«S» is turned on. Predetermined time, a preset value
is a function to increase the boost pressure.
Warning display mode
«WR» lights.
It warned that exceeds the preset boost pressure.
In addition it is also possible to operate the limiter.

Caution on our SBC series use

For our SBC series of general-purpose products, there is a case where the engine warning or the like is turned on by the operation of such a boost limiter when used in SBC alone.
In that case, it will be such a boost limiter release, as well as setting is necessary.
It is unnecessarily raise a boost when the vehicle such as the damage very dangerous. Please ask like to shop with expertise handling.


sbc s kit

SBC Type S

sbc r kit

SBC Type R