ARAGOSTA Suspension Type S & Type SS

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The Aragosta Type S Coilover Suspension kit has been developed for street use that is also at home on the circuit.

Resultado de imagen de aragosta type sFEATURES

  • Type S has been designed for street use while being suitable on the circuit
  • High level suspension that can be seen in circuit built vehicles throughout Japan
  • Forged aluminum cylinder with special coating
  • Inverted stratus measuring 40/46mm
  • Total length adjustment for large range of height adjustment
  • Available with pillow ball or rubber upper mounts depending on the model
  • High rigidity steel cylinder with specially designed rana springs



Aragosta Type-SS coil over which is Aragosta’s No 1 performance Flagship Coilover.  The Suspension includes a canister tank for damping for when you decide you want to go on the track or high performance street driving. The coilover is fully adjustable and is suitable for daily drving as well as track meets. Aragosta is the recommended  suspension for all your needs.

pht type jpss Features

  • Forged aluminum cylinder + Kashima coating + position free for sub tank system
  • Processing inverted strut + WPC 40mm/46mm in diameter (except some models) adjustment feature length
  • Painted steel cylinder + cation high rigidity
  • Rana spring
  • The basic specs of the TYPE-SS with a sub-tank system, the different shrinkage / growth, and damping force adjustment mechanism 2WAY. Changes linearly from 11-stage low-speed compression damping force in all stages through to 20 stages of adjustment.
  • You have set an option for advanced users. The 3WAY adjustment gives you a wider range of adjustment. It will give more compression for side damping force adjustment and to give a fine low-speed range. 12 additional fine-stage low-speed compression are available.
  • The option 3WAY price settings is Plus + 42,000 Yen

Aragosta Type SS is made to order and takes 1.5 months to be made up. You can customize your spring rates for your desired spring rate or driving stage for the street circuit